The interesting facts of Nepal are really seductive. Nepal is a tranquil Himalayan Nation, encircled by 2 large nations, China and India (Bharat). In this, so called modern world, it is one of the oldest nations in the world, which still holds vintage lifestyle and cultural aspects.

Nepal Inside Map of Asia

Often, we hear of parroting Nepal is one the smallest countries in the world, in fact there are 195 countries in the world today, and it is the 93 rd largest countries in the world with an area of 147,181 km². Have you ever noticed? the map of Nepal looks somewhat similar to European nation Portugal (92,212 km²). Having curiosity of fascinating Himalayan nation? see truth at the following:

Facts about Nepal

  1. It is a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multilingual country, there are 123 language spoken in Nepal.
  2. In span of approx. 200 kms going from south low plain area to north hilly to higher altitude area, at any part of Nepal you can experience hot tropical climate, mild, and bone chilling aortic type weather respectively.
  3. Never been occupied by a foreign military even in its history of time.
  4. Nepal is the only country with vast altitudinal variation that ranges from 60 meters (Kechana Kalan) to 8848 meters (Mount Everest).
  5. Another interesting facts, Nepal has 8% of total species found in the world. It is a home to 870 distinct species of birds, it is one of the heavenly places for bird watchers.
  6. The highest valley on earth (Arun Valley).
  7. Kathmandu valley alone has 7 world heritage culture sites within a radius of 15 kilometer.
  8. Birth place of lord Buddha.
  9. Nepal comprises 6% of world rhododendron species.
  10. Nepal has recorded the tallest grass land in the world that exists in Chitwan.
  11. Nepal has one of the best habitats for snow leopard.
  12. It is said that Nepal has the largest Moth in the world.
  13. Kathmandu is the living cultural museum of the world.
  14. When America and Australia were not even born as a nation, Nepal built finest monuments which are now listed in world heritage sites.
  15. Nepal is a country of nonstop festivals.
  16. Nepal is a country of highest mountain and deepest gorges.
  17. It holds Highest lake on earth called “Tilicho”.
  18. Cow is the national animal of Nepal it is strictly prohibited to slaughter the national animal.
  19. It has many hiking and trekking routes, amongst most popular trekking routs in the world are Annapurna circuit and Everest base camp.
  20. Nepal is one of the best arenas for extreme and adventure sport tourism such as mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, rafting, bungee jumping, high altitude marathon.
  21. A spare interesting facts is that it is the land of the living goddess “Kumari”.
  22. 8 out of 10 highest peaks in the world along with Mount Everest.
  23. It is the Oldest country in south Asia founded in 1768.
  24. Almost 85% of electricity is from renewable water resources.
  25. Highest renewable water resources in the world. It has approx. 6,000 rivers (including tributaries and rivulets).
  26. Origin and place of Gurkhas and Khukuris.
  27. Nepalese calendar is 56 years ahead of Georgian calendar.
  28. National flag is not rectangular or quardrical it is made up of two triangles.
  29. It is a land where elephant polo game was originated.
  30. Home of endangered one horned rhino, royal Bengal tiger, and red panda.

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