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Hello and Namaste!! welcome to my little world of “”.

As I said my little world is a precious outcome of my longest dream of writing blogs and exploring my inner-enthusiasm. I love to call myself an avid learner, web developer and keen explorer. Here I explain you to the never-ending journey of my perspective towards the naturally blessed Nepal and its preciousness.

Travelling is food to my soul, shape to my imagination and a process to my thought. Yes, I am from Nepal and every morning I love to bow to the almighty behind those mighty mountains where my very dream is fulfilled to be born as Nepali. Culture and tradition are my areas of interest. I deeply believe humanity is best practised by preserving our cultural jewels of rich moral values and historical canvas of art. I love trekking through the peaceful villages, sound lakes and below the protruding Himalayas. These days, I am gathering all my efforts to promote my wonderful land of peace, art and affluent culture.

Being adventure and nature admirer, a small thought pushed me to launch this info blog site. I’m not a native English speaker, but I tried my best to give information regarding the beautiful places visited by me and my friends. Occasionally i do blogging but am not a professional travel blogger. I want to make you clear, that there are many remarkable places in Himalayan area, but the flow of visitors are very less, it makes me very sad. Sustainable tourism is vital to uplift the status of this region, so i decided to do something from my side. You know, little drops of water, make the mighty ocean!

Please Join me with this tour of adventure where I wish to you to the blessing of ‘Buddha’ and the elegance of ‘Everest’. Let us explore this land of faith, spirituality and endless love. Let us explore Nepal together!

R. Arjun Sir

‘A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.’ – M. Goodman.

Traveling is like meditation for me. I believe discovering the vivid dimensions of the god-blissed nature is best achieved by traveling into the midst of it. Unveiling the inner Buddha in yourself in a peaceful aperture of nature’s divinity should be one’s passion. Greeting new appearances, those blinking eyes, innocent souls, and pristine lakes, warm sunshine, embracing mountains, rivers singing lullaby gathers all those positivity towards me.

I feel incredibly blessed to be born in a land where the mighty Everest stands with all its glory and Lord Buddha opened his eyes. Every time I find myself in a new land gives me immense joy and a sense of belongingness. In my leisure, I love playing with colors on a canvas. Traveling enriches my creativity and always adds a new perspective to my thinking. It nourishes my mind, gives me all those inspirations I need.

Travel to a new land of hope, an art of living, divinity, peace, flawless beauty and endless culture. Travel to Nepal.
Let your soul alive with rejoice and spiritual satisfaction.

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Hello, I am Prasan Bhattarai, Graduate in Travel & Tourism Management and government certified tour guide from Nepal. Have been working from last 10 Years as a experience tour guide in tourism industry and articles writer at Travel massif. For more info about me please visit

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